Legally Rich is committed to giving back to felons and helping as many ex convicts as possible. Brandon was a convicted felon himself. Legally Rich was started as a learned lesson to become legally rich and live life in a positive way.

Brandon's experience allowed our family to understand the pressure and difficulty that ex-convicts face when trying to integrate back into society. You may feel like everyone is judging you over a simple mistake you made but it should not define your character. Everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance. There are plenty of smart, educated, ambitious people who are felons and may not get a second chance in life because of a felony on their record.

We chose to work with Help for Felons because they help felons discover jobs and trades they might not have known about to start a new life and career. Coming out of prison, starting over, and living a healthy lifestyle can be humbling yet difficult.

We want to aid in an easier transition. We hope to be an example and let people know there is hope. You just have to WANT TO DO BETTER. You have to understand living a life of crime is a CHOICE and you should want to do the RIGHT THING.

We will donate $1 from each sale made on to help felons get jobs and get back on their feet. Please support the Legally Rich movement and understand it’s bigger than just clothes and cool lifestyle. You could be helping people get a second chance in life and support their family in a positive way!