Legally Rich started with a vision to get rich and do it in a LEGIT way.

Brandon aka @stuntalot had just came home from federal prison
after doing a couple years and he knew he could no longer go back
to a life of crime and continue to do the things he used to.

Brandon and Chelsea aka @hunigold were best friends for 7 years.
When he got out of prison, they decided to get into a relationship
because the love was undeniable.

After reading a book and looking online for ways to make money,
they came across E-commerce and the business model of dropshipping.
After doing a lot of research and with a lot of trial and error,
they finally started an online store.

Within 6 months, they made over $120,000 and the rest is history.
A little over 2 and a half years now they are almost at
a million dollars revenue in their businesses.

Chelsea now teaches digital marketing and how to make money online
from starting a dropshipping store. For more info, you can check out her website here: www.hunigold.com. Brandon is a relationship coach
who specializes in helping people find confidence in themselves
and getting the man or woman of their dreams.

They will have a lot of products and big things happening in 2020
surrounded around the Legally Rich Family.

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